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In a particular high school, a philosophy teacher would give his class of freshman year students a puzzle game to solve during his last lesson for the year. The puzzle game goes like this:

"A farmer was delighted when his first offspring, a twin son was born. As he owned three quarter of a square piece of land, which the other quarter was owned by his brother, he had already started thinking how to divide his land equally to his twin son. He thought about it for a while and came out with the answer. Question : draw the piece of land the farmer owned on a piece of paper and by using only a pencil and a ruler, draw the boundary on that piece of land that the farmer had come out with to divide it equally into 2."

The students were a bit surprised but nevertheless they all tried and solved the puzzle. In no time, all of the students had completed the question. The teacher gave them the answer and all of them got it right!

The next year, again during his last lesson, he gave the students the same puzzle except that the farmer had got another son and hence he needed to divide his plot of land into three equal parts! The students took longer this time but eventually all of them got the answer.

The next year, before his last lesson, students got a bit smarter this time and had prepared the answer first. All of them agreed that the teacher will definitely ask them to divide that plot of land into four equal parts. It took them almost a day to figure out the answer and they all agreed that this is the definite answer. Sure enough during his last lesson, the teacher asked them the question they had accurately anticipated. All of them took only a fraction of the time needed to solve the question and the teacher commented,"hmm, all of you had prepared the answer before hand!".

During the final year, before his last lesson, students again gathered and discussed how to divide that plot of land into five equal parts. They took almost a week before all of them could agree on the answer. During the last lesson, the teacher as expectedly gave them the question. However, there is a twist this time. The brother died and he inherited a quarter of the land and he now had a square plot of land. So, the farmer had to think of a way to divide it into 5 equal parts. All of them were shocked and disappointed about the time wasted anticipating his question. Some of the students thought for a long time but just could not get the answer, but the remaining students could finish it in a short period of time. The teacher had to wrap up the class and gave them the answer. The students who could not solve the question kept saying "why I did not think of that!" The teacher then gave this speech:

"All of you have reached the end of your journey in high school, sometimes you can anticipate the problem and try to solve it earlier, other time you thought you know the problem but actually you don't. Only those who had the resilience will survive, good luck to all of you."

Now, are you able to solve the first three puzzles and have the resilience to solve the last puzzle? Try it out before you check the answer below.

freshman sophomore
junior senior


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